Debian Buster Raspberry Pi2/3 Weekly Image Builds

These images are built using rpi23-gen-image build scripts and are built once a Sunday at midnight UTC

Use the Pi3 Images for the 3B+ – Testing has shown it works fine

The following options are enabled at build time:

now=$(date +"%m_%d_%Y")
exec 3>&1 4>&2
trap 'exec 2>&4 1>&3' 0 1 2 3
exec 1>/root/rpi23-gen-image/images/$now.log 2>&1

now=$(date +"%m_%d_%Y")
export ENABLE_IPV6=true
export RELEASE="buster"
export PASSWORD="raspberry"
export USER_PASSWORD="raspberry"
export BUILD_KERNEL=true
export ENABLE_I2C=true
export ENABLE_SPI=true
export ENABLE_SSHD=true
export ENABLE_NONFREE=true
export ENABLE_RSYSLOG=true
export ENABLE_SOUND=true
export ENABLE_DBUS=true
export ENABLE_MINGPU=true
cd /root/rpi23-gen-image
export RPI_MODEL=3
echo starting rpi3 build
echo cleaning rpi3 build root
rm -rf ./images/buster
echo starting rpi2 build
export RPI_MODEL=2
echo cleaning rpi2 build root
rm -rf ./images/buster
echo hasing images
cd images
sha512sum * >> $now.sha512sums

The default login is pi/raspberry with the root password of raspberry

Listing of image Downloads